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Mental Health 15.10.2019

Unaffordable Housing and Mental Health

Housing Health Research Bulletin

Access to affordable and adequate housing is critical for mental and physical health, as individuals spend a substantial amount of time in h...

Mental Health 15.10.2019 Unaffordable Housing and Mental Health Mental Health 03.09.2019 45.1 Childhood Poverty and Health Entry by intruders 31.07.2019 44.5 Mental Health and Entry by Intruders Mental Health 31.07.2019 44.4 Children and Trauma Associated with Fire Fire 31.07.2019 44.3 Impact of Fire on Mental Health Noise 31.07.2019 44.2 Impact of Noise on Mental Health Social Housing 31.07.2019 44.1 The Mental Health of Social Housing Tenants
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Dr Stephen Battersby

Dr Stephen Battersby

Professor David Ormandy

Professor David Ormandy

Dr Stephen Battersby has over 40 years experience in Environmental Health specialising in housing but with other public health interests. He is editor of Clay’s Handbook of Environmental Health. He is currently running the RHE UK Housing forums and teaching courses on the HHSRS, enforcement and preparing for appeals to the Residential Property Tribunal

Professor David Ormandy is visiting academic at the Division of Health Sciences in Warwick Medical School. His interests include housing conditions and health; the assessment of housing conditions; and the formulation of housing standards. He has worked with the World Health Organization, and in New Zealand, France, and the USA.

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Housing Health is a unique and international service summarising research and reports with particular relevance to the relationship between housing and health.

The summaries, gleaned from a wide range of sources, provide a valuable resource whether you are tackling poor housing conditions or researching and teaching about the potential health impacts.

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